Kayaking and Plein Air Art Trips

This is chance to try something new, different and unique: sketching, drawing and painting on the water. I offer private kayak and short walking art trips on the rivers close to my studio, on the Norfolk Broads. This is an experience for individuals, couples or small groups to try.

Imagine a leisurely paddle to a secluded or sheltered part of a river and then gently drifting with the flowing water, sketching and drawing what you see, from you own kayak. You can also get off the water where you like and work from the river bank. This is your ‘Plein Air’ art experience and is up to you to choose how much kayaking or river bank work you do?

If you prefer not to kayak you/we can work just on the bank, this may be more suitable in cooler conditions. We still go to quiet, peaceful places to work and it is still a wonderful place to paint.

All trips are tailor made to what you want to do. All art equipment and materials can be provided (or you can bring your own). Kayaks and safety equipment are provided too.

No experience is needed of either art or kayaking, as all trips are tailored to your skill and ability.

However the kayaking may require a basic degree of fitness and there is a small amount of walking too. It is may be necessary to move the boats in and out of water or across short distances over land. But the rivers we paddle along are slow moving and quite shallow in places. It is intended that the trip is relaxing and leisurely!

Trips are based on a 2 to 3 hour ‘on the water’ time, with extra time allowed before and after for art/safety briefings and changing/showering. Therefore trips take up around half a day (4 to 5 hours). I allow a whole day for each session and can adjust the start times to suit weather, so consider setting a day aside for your trip.

Trips are all year round so obviously dress to suit the conditions that you may encounter. I will be in contact the day before your trip to fine tune the trip and talk about what to wear. It is sensible to have dry clothes after the trip and swimming (refreshing dip) is an option too.

Your day will start in the studio with some basic art exercises before we head out. Lunch can be included if you wish, our you can bring your own. All the places we paint are only a couple of miles from the studio, so can be easily reached and you won’t have to spend much time in a car!

Pleases email me or ring me to discuss your trip and possible bookings.

tom.cringle@btinternet.com or 07803136265